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Fire / Rescue Classroom Training

Evidence Protection at the Fire Scene

Leadership Lessons

Chimney Fires

Size Up & Radio Ops

The First Five Minutes

Smoke Signals

Sprinkler Systems

Special Hazards

Hybrid Vehicle Emergencies

Vent? or Shut the Front Door!

Hero Maintenance


EMS Training

Handling the 10-79 (Obvious Death of Patient)

CPR / AED (BLS Healthcare Provider Course – AHA)

CPR / AED (Heart Saver for Everyone – AHA)

Pre-Hospital 12 Lead EKG Refresher

Incident Command for EMS

Basic First Aid (AHA)

Fire / Rescue Hands-On Training

Emergency Escape Training

SCBA Refresher

Ground Ladder Operations

Search and Rescue Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Water Supply

Advanced Rural Water Supply

Thermal Imaging Cameras (T.I.C.)

Fire Service Ropes & Knots

FAST Refresher

Large Area Search

Standpipe Operations

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Water Rescue

Ice Rescue

Calling the Mayday

Rope Rescue

“Firefighter Down” CPR

Holy Water! Course

Extrication from ABOVE!

Vehicle Extrication

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